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Mothers in the study undergo a saliva swab at 15 weeks of gestation to measure for stress hormones. Mothers who had more cortisol in their blood gave birth to girls whose right amygdalas were slightly larger, though the pattern didn't hold for boys. A one-standard deviation increase in maternal cortisol meant, on average, a 6. 4 percent increase in amygdala size. What's more, the girls who had larger amygdalas scored worse on the child behavior checklist, a standard questionnaire designed to suss out behavioral problems in young people. "susceptibility for affective disorders may, in part, be programmed in utero," the researchers concluded. "this effect may be mediated through changes in anatomy of the amygdala. " if the science is true, it offers another possible explanation for variations in brain physiology from person to person -- as well as why some people are more comfortable with uncertainty than others. It could also help explain why girls tend to experience mood disorders at greater rates than boys, a situation that until now was thought to be due to hormonal developments after birth or linked somehow to social expectations, said victor carrion, a stanford professor in pediatric psychiatry. "even before you hit puberty, there may be things going on in the in-utero environment of girls that may render some girls more vulnerable to these affective symptoms," said carrion in a phone interview. "so one possibility is that girls develop earlier -- as we know they do -- but that this translates very early in utero. " update: heidi feldman, a stanford professor of pediatrics in neonatal and developmental medicine, threw some cold water on the paper in a phone interview late tuesday, saying the children at age 7 who'd been born to higher-stress mothers didn't appear to be much more emotionally challenged compared to those born to mothers under normal amounts of stress. Citing the study's own figures, feldman pointed out that the difference between the two groups on a scale of affective symptoms was only a matter of two or three points. "these girls are scoring very, very close to the the normal level," she said. "the mean for the girls is about 52 in this high cortisol group, compared to 50 for the control. None of these girls at age seven are extremely abnormal in their scores. " feldman added that an abnormal score would be about ten points higher. While this doesn't necessarily invalidate the paper's findings, it's a good reminder that all research is a work in progress. Share email print presented by more at the atlantic what turns a soldier into a mass murderer? How the boomers destroyed america how the 'revolutionary tracksuit' became a political statement 'prometheus': better without the humans? Lymphoma and the insipid victory join the discussion after you comment, click post. buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-sale-viagra-rp/ viagra online buy viagra viagra for sale buy viagra online cheap viagra online buy generic viagra http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-buy-cheap-viagra-mq/ If you’re not already logged in you will be asked to log in or register. Please enable javascript to view the comme.
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Welcome to your special boutique for monogrammed and personalized gifts. EPB Designs offers a wide range of beautiful items for all ages.

Everybody loves to receive a personalized gift. A new mother adores seeing her baby’s name on a cute blanket or bib. A new bride enjoys receiving monogrammed towels or some other special accessory that personalizes their new home.

Whatever the occasion, EPB Designs can create a unique and personalized gift sure to make a lasting impression. We especially enjoy creating custom designs to reflect your personal taste and preference.

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